What is training4retail?



The Training4Retail system takes the time-tested training and tracking methods developed by Brad Huisken and deployed in stores in multiple industries – Jewelry, Pawn Shops, Sporting Goods, Furniture, and Musical Instruments – and brings it to the palms of your retail associates’ hands.

We start with the training content. Each month is broken into multiple video lessons. We know your associates are busy, so we keep the videos under three minutes each to make it easy to get in the lessons without disrupting store business.

After each lesson, your associates are given a few quiz questions to ensure they retained the information they just learned. They’re awarded points for correct answers – and how quickly they provide them – that are added to the leaderboard of all of your associates participating at your location.

The earlier in the month your associates complete the training, the more opportunities they have to earn bonus points – once the tests are all passed initially, bonus questions are available weekly for the rest of the month. Associates can boost their points totals while improving their knowledge.


Associates can earn additional points based on their store performance. You provide us your weekly sales reports, and we’ll determine your store’s average closing ratio and add-on percentage. Associates better than the average in either category will receive points on the leaderboard.

Your store’s leaderboard gives you a glimpse of how all of your team members are performing, and enhanced reporting can keep you informed of additional performance metrics, such as most-missed questions or highest quiz scores.


When your associates can track their progress on the leaderboard, the competitive nature of the tracking leads to a higher level of engagement throughout the month. You can choose to reward your monthly leaders for an added level of competition and engagement.


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