Do you want to sell more jewelry?

It is well known and documented that salespeople will sell more of the items that they personally like and that they know. Way too often today, the Manufacturer makes a beautiful piece of jewelry, the Buyer of the Store buys it, then it placed in the Showcase and it never sells.

Why does this happen?

It is likely that the salesperson doesn’t even know that the piece is in the case much less knowing all the terrific things about it. The Salesperson is at a true disadvantage in that the only people that know all the features and benefits of the piece are the manufacturer and the buyer. The poor salesperson never gets that valuable information.

Neither a jewelry store owner nor a manufacturer should ever put a piece of jewelry into a store if they are not going to give the salesperson the tools and the ammunition that they need in order to sell it.

What is Training4Retail?

Training4Retail is a unique program that combines training content, quiz questions, and salesperson performance with a gamified leaderboard to engage retail associates and managers. Our standard platform offers training content by renowned retail sales trainer Brad Huisken and focuses on how to build customer lasting customer relationships. Our Brands platform offers Brad’s content plus it features your content and allows you to offer the platform to your retail channel at an affordable price.

How do we help you sell more jewelry?

Training4Retail helps you get your training content in front of sales associates and managers in the dealers that carry your products. You provide the training materials (or we can work with you to create it), and users log into the system, view the training materials, take quizzes on the material, and earn points for how well they do. Those points accumulate as they also take “extra credit” quizzes throughout the month, and team members can compete against each other. In addition, you can choose to add points for milestones, such as sales of your products. You receive reports on individual dealers and associates so you can see top performers, and we can work with you to offer an incentive program for them, if you so choose. Salespeople sell the products they know. If they know your products, they will sell more of them.

Our Plans

We offer our standard retail sales training application individually to stores. For our brands program, we customize a proposal for you depending on your number of dealers, whether you need help developing training content, and the typical number of employees per dealer. You can then choose to underwrite the program for your dealers or you can pass through the costs to them via their invoicing or co-op programs. 

Let us set up a no-obligation meeting with you to understand your needs and provide you with a proposal to help you start selling more today!

Let us provide you a no-obligation consultation on how we can help you sell more jewelry.