Monthly Archives: November 2017

In the News: – Brad Huisken’s IAS Training Now Available as Web App

As retailers face more pressure from online competition, it’s important for brick-and-mortar stores to make the most of every sales opportunity they have. Brad Huisken’s IAS Training provides sales associates and managers with the tools to build customer relationships and increase sales, and now the program is available to stores as a web app for […]

Sales Insights: Habits for Increasing Your Sales Success

Building upon your success as a salesperson strengthens both your skills and your commitment for excellence within your chosen career. Forming daily habits will simplify and smooth the path to career satisfaction. As you successfully complete each transaction with your customer, ask them for the contact information of individuals with whom they would like to […]

Sales Insights: Believe It!

Interacting with customers effectively is NOT for wimps! Warmly and sincerely striking up a conversation with people often determines the level of success one experiences in the career called “Sales.” Knowing the features and benefits of a given product is, of course, essential. Effectively showcasing each product leads customers to make satisfying purchasing decisions. In […]

Sales Insights: Be the Expert

School teachers are trained to teach. Their focus is about technique, motivation, or expanding foundations of prior learning. Sometimes, the specific subject matter is left for the teacher to explore and explain independently. College professors are experts in their subject matter, but strategies and methods of instruction do not always take priority. Ideally great teachers […]