What is training4retail?


With retail sales training content written and developed by Brad Huisken of IAS Training, your associates will learn effective methods to increase sales for your store.

Associates access new content each month, and training videos are in short segments to avoid disrupting their regular duties.


Our system rewards points for quiz questions your associates will take with each chapter and throughout the month, and you get reports on their performance.

They also receive points for exceeding your store’s averages for closing and add-ons, so they’re motivated to perform.


The points your associates receive for correct quiz question responses and sales performance are tracked on your store’s leaderboard, encouraging team members to continue improving.

The leaderboard lets you keep tabs on everyone’s progress, and it keeps your team engaging with the system throughout each month.

What are people saying about Brad Huisken's training?

“Terrific, Amazing, Informative –

Nick Foster / Uncle Dan's Pawn Shop

Excellent, Entertaining, informative, useful and enlightening

Darren Levy / Fruehauf's Patio

I highly recommend Brad to anyone that is serious about growing their business and taking control of the personnel side of their organization.

Mo Jooma / Icebox Custom Jewelry